Journey by train is underrated by many.

Random children shouting and playing on the train, unkept surroundings of the train, terrorism attacks, accidents on the train that leads to loss of lives and properties, and so many other ill incidents. Being an avid supporter of the railway because of these situations becomes impossible.

Journey by train should be a mainstream method of transportation as these claims are solely Hypocrisy.

The train terminal has the perfect customer service as employees seek to meet expectations, possess positive attitudes and display politeness to all customers.

Tickets to various destinations are also sold at relatively cheap prices. Nevertheless, Timeliness is key.

The dazzling view of the train cannot be overemphasised. Scrutinising the nimble surroundings of the train, the alluring wool cottons assigned to each window giving the train a calm and serene environment. Demeanor of kids; seated by their parents. All contrary to hearsay.

Beautiful sightseeing is one of the enchanting traits of the journey by rail, passengers are exposed to nice view of lands and vegetations; forest and trees.

A sociable environment is embraced as communication between passengers is top-notch.

Motunrayo Gbolahan

By Vanessa