The former chairman of Oduaa Peoples Congress, OPC in Oyo state, under the leadership of IBA Gani Adams and now the new chairman of OPC new era in the state, comrade Rotimi Olumo, has disclosed why he pulled out of Adams’ group.

Olumo, said, “the issue started during the last presidential election, I was in my office that day when Iba Gani Adams called me to join WhatsApp call. When i joined i met Osun cordinator, comrade Adedeji Aladesewa and many other people. Gani Adams now asked me that i was told that Tiunbu give me N35 millon and one land cruiser.

“I responded that he should be able to trust me that since i became the Oyo state chairman I have no deal with anybody personal without telling him and also i told him that i have never seen Tinubu face to face before and i swore and also Osun chairman comrade Aladesewa too did the same thing.

“The following Tuesday, we always have a meeting call (NCC) meeting National cordiqnation council, this meeting has all the state chairmen and the secretaries.

“When we got there Gani Adams had arranged alot of things for us to swear. Myself and Osun chairman were surprised the person who gave Gani the information was not asked to swear.

“Gani now said that we would give them some time to investigate. When i got home i told my people what Gani said and also i asked my secretary to take over.”

Olumo further said, “Gani Adam now also invited all his excos to Lagos and told them that their condinators have collected N35 millon and a land cruiser Jeep from Tiunbu. One of my excos now told me that he should show them the proof and if they see the proof they should leave the rest for them but to my greatest surprise Gani did not show any proof.

“Adams just want to use this to disgrace me from the good work I have done in Oyo state. The belief i have in Iba Gani Adams is more than my parents. If my parents said i should not go out i will not listen but if Gani said i should not i will not.

“The following week Gani Adams issued a press release that Osun chairman has been suspended that he should handover to his secretary after the suspension the osun chairman too comrade Adedeji issued his own press release to that Gani said he and oyo chairman collected N35 millon and Jeep from Tiunbu.

“God used my followers in Oyo to fight this battle because Gani wanted to smear my image and the good work I have done in Oyo state.

“And my followers said with what Gani did to me it showed they too are not safe in Gani’s hand so they are not ready to do anything with Gani Adam again and we left Gani Adams and his group.

“Before now alot of people have left because of his behavior because Gani Adams believe in himself.

“The Gani Adams group, is one man business nobody can advise him, what he want to do that he will do,

“As the state chairman if my state governor invites me i must not go without informing Gani and if they give me anything I must send it to him.

“Gani did not remove me as his state chairman, I left as I don’t want to do anything with Gani again,” he added.