Nigeria Parents have been urged to think and say positive things about their country, and train their children from home with a good moral, in order to be a good Ambassador anywhere they find themselves, without getting involved in any Drug abuse.

Guest Speaker, Federal State University, Nasarawa, Dr. Olotu Jacob Paul Betson made this known on Wednesday, during the Lagos Youth Multi- Stakeholders Conference held at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, Gbaja Surulere, Lagos, Themed “Drug Abuse and ILLICIT Substance Reduction : Role of Youth Organisations” which was organised by the Coalition of Nigeria Youth On Security and Safety Affairs(CONYSSA), in conjunction with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).

Speaking with the Cfame News Correspondent, Dr. Jacob Paul submitted that whatever we see on the Television screen, being portrayed of any celebrity like a comedy or Drama, is a Cavyet, that must not be used to confuse us. But to give us an acceptable mindset, that Nigeria can change for better as we desire, when all hands are on deck to build our youth and the country of our dream.
Saying also that late Singer Lucky Dube never for once smoke till he passed away.

The National Patron of CONYSSA, Amb. Dr. Oluniyi Adebamiji Adegoke expressed in his address, that the conference was a well packaged event, with a very good topic channelled a war against Drug abuse in the country.
He said, this would go a long way, especially when the media help to propagate it to the community, so as to be free of the dangers attached to the Drug Abuse.
Also, it is not only that, but a steady prepared event Communique would always cascade down to the youth populace in Lagos state and Nigeria at large. He said.

Adegoke stressed, that the problems that Nigerians are currently facing on Drug Abuse have been there for a long time, because the government that was supposed to be helping the nation, in terms of good orientation to Curb the challenges ahead, was doing nothing! Before we now started reacting late in Nigeria.

He reminisced, that when he was so young, he used to watch the NTA station programmes, discussing war against Drug Abuse to sensitize and guide the people ahead.

Meanwhile, the National Orientation Agency which engaged in the communication and sensitization program then, had suddenly stopped in the process, not doing it anymore, since the last 12 or 14 years ago, and what the Agency does now is farming.

Therefore, he appealed to the Nigeria government to encourage more in sensitization programmes and giving the millennium an exposure, towards letting the young ones see, how terrible they look when they use these Drugs which damage their lives and to show them their faces when they basically abstain.

Other Guest Speaker, Ms Yemisi Ransome KUTI said, to make Nigeria free of Drug Abuse, and make things work continuously for Nigeria youth, let there be a holistic package of joint hands, where the Federal, States and the Local government and private sectors ensure they work to uphold Nigeria, that is governed by the Rule of Law, so as to make everyone feel like somebody in the country.
And the National enforcement must be taken by everyone, without saying it is the government responsibility.

However, the community has to come together and identify those youth who are involved in drug abuse, and see the reason why they are into it, whether it is as a result of unemployment, or more. Also to, join hands to tackle it together, because the celebrity all over the world also indulged in the same drugs.

The Publisher, Find out Newspaper, Mr. Tunde Eso said, it is important for Nigerians to stop negative statements against their Families, and the nation, because a little bit of it, produces negative effect in one’s life in future.

But we must all encourage to be positive of what we want for our nation, family and community at all the time . He said.

He explained that a vision is the end result of your attainment in life, which has 4 elements, consisting of Thought, Immagination, Expectations and Determination.

So, one must be determined to be great in life; and if you think you are going to be a great person in life. Same is what you get. Whether as an Individual, Family, Nation and Community. He said.

The Awards Recipient, Sir, Bernard’s Ebuzieme commended the convener over the Awards of recognition and promised that its impact in his life would go a long way, to reinstate the community and nation at large.

Other Awardee, Mr. Henry Eze expressed joy over the Awards, because it is first of his kinds, from the joint Security Agencies, and it showed him that his work his being noticed.

He thereby advised the youth to stay away from keeping bad friends who engaged in drugs, for drugs also is not a way of life, and it causes a damage in youth life without making one to live long.

That so many Girls and Boys who one of his workers’ that confide in him, confirmed, how some of them are innocently distributing drugs, because of hardship, thinking such would earn them money, without knowing the dangers they got themselves into.

The State Coordinator of CONYSSA, Amb. Akanbi Micheal said the programme was held to sensitize the community, and to equip the youth with an adequate information, to tackle and raise a war against the menace of Drug Abuse in Nigeria.

And CONYSSA Lagos State, was strictly organising it to follow suit with the CONYSSA national body, in partnership with the programme, the NDLEA has launched few years ago, which was called ” WADA Project ” meaning WAR Against Drug Abuse.

He appealed to the government, to partner with well structured organisations, and take away the youth who are involved in drugs on the street, by organising sports activities, and make them feel important and remain more focused in their field of career

The Chairman of the Occasion, Brigadier General Oladeji Adeoye (Rtd) described the programme as one that is in right direction, at the right time. Only because Nigeria has a lot of potential, hope and the youth who have more than enough job to do.

He informed also, that the current administration is a year of renewed hope which no youth will ever say I cannot make it in life!

Whe investors are already coming into Nigeria to give more opportunities that would not be given to a wayward minds who can harm the society.

He emphasised also, that technology has come in place and very high now, that would fish out every drug bearers. And there is no excape for them as well !

So, he advised every youth and Elders who are into drugs to desist from it! And allow the drug not to destroy Nigeria generations.

The Director General of CONYSSA, Amb. Ade mario Emmanuel thanked all the Security Agencies which were present at the Conference, to stand against Drug Abuse in the community and stop all illegal smoking habit in the community .

He added, that the programme was not only held in Lagos alone, that it has first been organised, in Army Resource Centre, Abuja, to create better awareness at the Federal level , and after the conference at Lagos, CONYSSA would move to Zamfara State, Yobe, Cross River State and all across the States in Nigeria. He said.

He buttressed that CONYSSA is doing nothing without the knowledge of the Federal government, as the group also is registered with the Coperate Affairs Commission (CAC), while the Ministry of Youth and Sports also has issued a good certificate to the group.

He expressed worry, that so many youth would have graced the conference in large numbers, but due to lack of funding, CONYSSA was unable to mobilize the desired youth who really wanted to come and represent their community.

He called for the government support, in terms of funding the youth, on further event, so as to represent their communities accordingly , as a good Ambassador